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CODE Total Quality Management - TQM

Dental practices that meet the TQM standards each year at their annual inspection achieve the Quality Practice Award – a sign of the team’s hard work and dedication. That’s why when you see the Quality Practice Award, you know that your practice is dedicated to excellence in dental care.



The CODE TQM Standards
patient goals:

  • To have excellent patient care as our primary aim, patient satisfaction is our first and foremost goal
  • To have a well-led practice
  • To do everything we do in the most ethical way
  • The main focus of the team to be personal development training, to maintain high standards for patients and job satisfaction for the team
  • To follow our quality management system for continuous improvement
  • To maintain our management system, keeping it based on clear procedures and policies
  • To regularly assess how well we are doing and look for ways to improve, taking into account patient and staff feedback
  • To have year-on-year continuous improvement in patient care, safety, service and satisfaction

The goal of CODE Total Quality Management (TQM) is patient satisfaction. It is based on all team members participating in continuous improvement.





Further information

There are 8 pillars of CODE TQM:

  • Leadership and management: A well-led practice establishes the strategy and direction of the organisation and involves the team to deliver excellence in patient care in an engaging working environment
  • A patient focused practice: The success of the practice is based on patient satisfaction and safety
  • Ethics: The practice takes an ethical approach to right and wrong in every situation. There are three aspects of ethics, professional, personal and organisational
  • Personal development: high standards of care and service are maintained through the training and personal development of all team members
  • System based: There is a system of quality management that organises the smooth running of the practice
  • A process-led approach: Essential tasks and activities are detailed in guidance, policies and procedures, including those required to meet local and national regulatory requirements
  • Fact-based decision making: To know how well the practice is performing it continually collects data such as patient satisfaction surveys, comments and suggestions, audits and risk assessments. This data is analysed to inform decision making
  • Continual improvement: The goal of CODE TQM is continual improvement in patient care, safety, service and satisfaction

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