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Study Associates Frailty with Poor Oral Health

A study published in the Journal of Gerodontology has highlighted that poor oral health is associated with problems in later life.

Elderly people who suffer with muscular weakness, weight loss, or impaired mobility are more prone to issues with their oral health.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation says: ‘In the UK, people are living longer than ever before.  This will increase the amount of poor health, frailty and disability. In turn, it will create a series of challenges for how we care for the population’s oral health.

‘The first problems to occur are often because of a loss of dexterity.  Limited mobility, no matter how small, can have an extremely large effect of our ability to care for our own health. In terms of oral health, this means effective tooth brushing becomes much harder. Balanced nutrition also becomes more difficult. This often leads to more frequent sugar consumption.’

The report concludes that ‘Further research should be directed at whether interventions to maintain good oral health can prevent or slow the progression of frailty.’

To read the study, click here.