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oral health improvement

Scotland launches the Oral Health Improvement Plan 

The Scottish Government has launched the new Oral Health Improvement Plan, designed to improve the oral health of the nation through eight different areas, which are:

  • Focus on prevention
  • Reducing oral health inequalities
  • Meeting the needs of an aging population
  • More services on the high street
  • Improving information for patients
  • Quality assurance and improvement
  • Workforce
  • Finance

Health secretary, Shona Robison, said: ‘Record numbers of Scots have access to NHS dentists, and as a nation our oral health is improving. But poor oral health is entirely preventable and we need to ensure we do all we can to tackle it, and break the link between oral health and deprivation.

‘The Oral Health Improvement Plan will support the profession to spend more time on what they do best – providing excellent care for the patients who need it most. We will continue to work closely with them as the recommendations are implemented. It will ensure people get the personalised care they need, when and where they need it. We will reach out beyond dental practices to support communities to find innovative ways to support people lead healthier lives – particularly in deprived areas or among older people.’

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