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Risk-assessment reporting requirements in NHS practices

NHS Improvement and NHS England have published a letter with further information on return to work risk-assessments for staff. This new letter requires services, including NHS dental practices, to publish certain metrics internally to all staff. The information includes:

  • The number of staff risk-assessed and percentage of whole workforce
  • The number of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff risk assessments completed, and percentage of total risk assessments completed and of whole workforce
  • The percentage of staff risk-assessed by staff group
  • Any additional mitigation over and above the individual risk assessments in settings where infection rates are highest

This information only needs to be made available internally to all staff either via the intranet, all-staff briefings, or similar. It does not need to be provided to the NHS directly. NHS England and NHS Improvement have also requested that all risk assessments be completed within the next four weeks. Members can utilise the COVID-19 Return to Work, Personalised Risk Assessment (C 206), which forms part of our COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure, to risk-assess staff and collate this information.

Members who employ only a handful of staff may be concerned that reporting this information could lead to staff in the ‘at-risk’ category easily being identified within the practice. CODE feel that this could potentially raise confidentially issues and are therefore seeking urgent clarity from NHS Improvement and NHS England on whether this reporting requirement will apply to these practices.

We have also contacted NHS Improvement and NHS England to seek clarity over whether practices are required to include self-employed team members in these figures.