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Phased approach for remobilisation in Scotland – Letter from the CDO

The Chief Dental Officer in Scotland, Tom Ferris, yesterday sent a letter to NHS practices which explains the first steps for the remobilisation of NHS dental services in Scotland. The approach consists of three phases: the first phase sees an extension to the capacity of Urgent Dental Care Centres (UDCCs) to increase the scope of treatments available to patients. The second phase envisages the restarting of NHS dental services in practice—initially for urgent dental care using non-aerosol generated procedures (AGPs) and subsequently expanded to more routine care, including examination and treatment (again using non-AGPs). The third phase sees the introduction of AGPs and will be dependent on evidence of risk and possible mitigation.

In addition to outlining the remobilisation plan for Scotland, the letter also provides some information on the supply of PPE during the phases, testing for COVID-19, and financial support and dental remuneration.