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Guidance for Independent Practices in Scotland

The National Clinical Director, Jason Leitch, and the CDO in Scotland, Tom Ferris have published advice to wholly independent dental care providers considering the new 5-level system which has been implemented by the Scottish Government. The letter includes details on the financial support available to practices as well as details on appropriate treatment that can be undertaken at the various levels.

The care provided by the areas subject to the highest restriction (level 4) should be restricted to essential or urgent treatment of clinically diagnosed conditions where no treatment would have a significant adverse impact on the wellbeing of the patient. No aesthetic procedures or elective treatments should be undertaken in Level 4 areas.

In all other levels (0-3) independent practices can offer a range of treatments and procedures from their premises, but in doing so must continue to fully adhere to all public health advice. In particular as regards to social distancing and the use of PPE and face coverings, which should not be removed unless there are sound clinical reasons to do so.