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Clarification That Health and Care Workers Must Self-Isolate on Return to UK

Health and care workers must self-isolate on return to UK
The government has removed an exemption originally put in place at the beginning of June, which meant registered health and care professionals did not have to self-isolate when travelling to England from overseas. This clarification now makes it clear that registered health and care professionals travelling to the UK from high-risk countries will be required to self-isolate for 14 days in line with the rest of the general public.

The original exemption was to help ensure health and care workers travelling back from overseas could return to the England to provide essential healthcare, helping to strengthen the country’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. Following the reopening of travel routes, and as more people begin to holiday abroad, the government has felt it necessary to remove this exemption from today (31st July). More information can be found here.

Extension of self-isolation period
People who test positive for coronavirus or show symptoms in the UK must now self-isolate for at least ten days, rather than seven. The Chief Medical Officers in all regions of the UK have updated their guidance based on new evidence of infectiousness of COVID-19 between 7 and 9 days after illness onset. Practices may need to update their Reporting and Self Isolation Protocols (C 214) to reflect this change and ensure that all team members are self-isolating for the correct period.