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CODESAFE Insurances

Having the right insurance policies in place reduces your risk and can be a ‘life saver’ if the unexpected happens. Designed with CODE member dentists in mind, our insurances are comprehensive and competitive. Our partnership with Medical Insurance Consultants (MiC) enables us to offer a variety of insurance packages to suit your professional and personal needs.

With 25 years in healthcare, MiC is a ‘Trusted Insurance Provider’ and a one-stop-shop for healthcare professionals. Its Locum (and absence) insurance includes a unique no claims discount.

To arrange a competitive quote for dental surgery insurance or any other policy, call MiC on 0800 163870 or email stating that you are a CODE member.


  • Dental surgery insurance – an all inclusive, comprehensive way to insure your entire business
  • Pressure vessel insurance and testing – It is a legal requirement to have a written scheme of examination in place for all autoclaves and air receivers; and for safety inspections by a ‘competent’ person to be conducted at intervals specified by the scheme. CODE provides the required insurance for all pressure vessels
  • Legal expenses insurance – cover for policy holders in the event of employment disputes and compensation awards, tax protection, compliance and regulation (including CQC formal hearings)
  • Practice absence insurance – cover for overheads and/or income if a named dentist or staff member is unable to work due to accident or illness for a period more than the minimum identified within the policy
  • Business emergency insurance – a policy providing immediate assistance if you have to respond to an unforeseen emergency at your business premises which poses a health and safety risk to anyone using the premises or compromises security, stopping you from running your business. Cover includes a 24/7 helpline, 365 days a year
  • Personal insurance – insurance products tailored to professional and personal needs including Indemnity / Malpractice, home building and contents, motor, income protection, critical illness, pet cover and travel

The CODE Faceplan

Many skin treatments are non-permanent, and need to be repeated at regular intervals to maintain their effect. With FACEplan you can schedule the most appropriate and effective treatments for patients, and offer them a discounted pre-payment scheme that covers most of the skin treatments needed to combat ageing and maintain good looks.

  • Ideal for patients who need regular skin or facial treatments
  • Enables patient and practitioner to plan effectively for long-term aesthetic benefits
  • Provides flexibility to modify the plan on an annual basis – accommodating new innovations and technology in medical aesthetics
  • Payment is made in advance, by monthly direct debit
  • Payments do not appear as ‘skin treatment’ on direct debit statements.
  • Practitioners benefit from a planned and efficient approach to aesthetic treatments giving them the freedom to find the best, regular treatments for their patients
  • Patients benefit from the opportunity to receive regular treatments to combat ageing and maintain good looks
  • Pre-payment over times saves patients up to 20% on medical aesthetic treatments
  • Discounts are also available on cosmetics and cosmeceuticals recommended by the practitioner – and on some treatments that fall outside the plan