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FACE plan

Many dental practices now provide Facial aesthetic treatments as part of giving patients a comprehensive service, available all in one place. Whether you’re an independent Aesthetics practitioner or offer this service at your dental practice CODE can help.

The CODE Faceplan

Many skin treatments are non-permanent, and need to be repeated at regular intervals to maintain their effect. With FACEplan you can schedule the most appropriate and effective treatments for patients, and offer them a discounted pre-payment scheme that covers most of the skin treatments needed to combat ageing and maintain good looks.

  • Ideal for patients who need regular skin or facial treatments
  • Enables patient and practitioner to plan effectively for long-term aesthetic benefits
  • Provides flexibility to modify the plan on an annual basis – accommodating new innovations and technology in medical aesthetics
  • Payment is made in advance, by monthly direct debit
  • Payments do not appear as ‘skin treatment’ on direct debit statements.
  • Practitioners benefit from a planned and efficient approach to aesthetic treatments giving them the freedom to find the best, regular treatments for their patients
  • Patients benefit from the opportunity to receive regular treatments to combat ageing and maintain good looks
  • Pre-payment over times saves patients up to 20% on medical aesthetic treatments
  • Discounts are also available on cosmetics and cosmeceuticals recommended by the practitioner – and on some treatments that fall outside the plan

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