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PRS licence

Do I need both PPL and PRS licence for my dental practice?

Members regularly call the office to enquire if they need a PPL or PRS licence. The short answer is that if you play music in the practice you probably need both.

Many people can vouch for the fact that music can be of enormous benefit in creating a relaxed atmosphere in the waiting room and will make patients feel more comfortable about being in the dental practice. A survey conducted in 2009 among 2,000 UK consumers for MusicWorks (a joint research initiative between music licensing companies PPL and PRS) confirmed this. The study found that that two-thirds (74%) of patients agreed that the music helped to take their mind off seeing the doctor/dentist and 83% feel more comfortable when music is played.

In almost all cases, if you use recorded music in your practice, such as playing a radio station, CDs or TV you will require a PPL music licence. Note that a Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) ruling that dentist’s waiting rooms in Italy did not have to be licensed does not affect PPL. As a guide, your music licence could cost £126.56 a year. However, the cost could be different if you play music in a separate waiting room or reception area, use music with your telephone on-hold system or play music videos. You should check the costs and apply for a licence here:

In most case you will also need a licence from PRS for Music. A number of factors determine how much it will cost – these include the seating capacity of areas with music, how you want to play music (for example, via TV, radio or compact disc) and whether music is played on hold to callers. For a waiting room of 19 seats or fewer, the first year charge is £118.91 with £79.27 payable in subsequent years (costs correct at 1 November 2013). For details of all the charges and to apply for a licence go to:

At the CODE office we have increasing evidence that compliance in this area is being checked so make sure that your licences are up-to-date. Members are reminded to check their licences with iComply.

For more information on licences contact the CODE office. For more information on the benefits of playing music in the waiting room