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The Data Security and Protection Toolkit

The new Data Security and Protection toolkit has replaced the online Information Governance toolkit. It has been updated to include the new GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 regulations.

“The Data Security and Protection Toolkit is an online self-assessment tool that enables organisations to measure and publish their performance against the National Data Guardian’s ten data security standards. All organisations that have access to NHS patient data and systems must use this toolkit to provide assurance that they are practising good data security and that personal information is handled correctly.”

It is evident that the toolkit has been designed for much larger organisations than dental and GP practices but primary NHS care facilities still have to complete the kit fully. If you do not have a system such as iComply to help you, completing the DSP toolkit is a big task.

Fortunately for iComply members, CODE provides GDPR compliance in a set of easy to use templates, which means that all of the compliance will be in place. All they need to do to is follow the (M 217A) guide, which gives simple instructions with text to adapt and paste for completion of the DSP toolkit. The excerpt of the CODE guide below is 10 pages long – the complete guide being 30 pages.

Free Download - M 217A

Download the CODE guide to the toolkit

Click on the image to download the free CODE guide to the DSP toolkit or you can download it from here.

Paul Mendlesohn CODE Chief Executive said:

“Without a system like iComply, I think it is impossible for a practice to complete the new DSP toolkit. There are so many regular tests and checks, policies and procedures that the toolkit could be overwhelming. With iComply the polices, procedures and audits will already have been setup to meet GDPR requirements. All the practice needs to do is adopt and paste the evidence details from the guide (M 217A) into the toolkit, showing how they have to met the requirements”.

The new toolkit says:

“The Data Security and Protection Standards for health and care, sets out the National Data Guardian’s (NDG) data security standards.

Completing this Toolkit self-assessment, by providing evidence and judging whether you meet the assertions, will demonstrate that your organisation is working towards or meeting the NDG standards.”