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Putting the right steps in place with CODE Total HR

Vineet and Neera Korpal, owners of Eye Smile and Whitton Corner dental practices, tell us why CODE’s Total HR service is something they couldn’t do without

We had managed HR within our practice for five years, relying on information learnt on courses that we attended. However, we always felt apprehensive about taking any action as it was an area that we felt uneasy about.

HR had always felt like a black hole for us and something that we really wanted to gain more knowledge about. We didn’t know the right steps we needed to take and this often resulted in inaction, preventing our business from moving forward. It was time to change.

During a time where we were having some problems with long-standing staff, we attended the Dental Showcase and spoke to Sophie on the CODE stand. She was so easy to speak to that it felt like a friendly chat and made us realise that perhaps we needed some external HR help. We investigated a little more and looked at various solutions from numerous companies, but for us it came back down to Sophie and her friendly, easy manner, so we signed up to CODE’s Total HR service.

Increased confidence
Since doing so, we have gained greater confidence in dealing with staffing situations that arise, allowing us to lead our teams with more confidence. We realised that we weren’t managing problems before because we were too worried about saying the wrong thing or offending someone. With Total HR and Sophie at the end of the phone for us, we have the reassurance we need to put the right steps in place, knowing that we are fully backed up by correct guidance.

While we had thought the Total HR service would only benefit us as practice owners, we have found that there has been a knock-on effect for the whole team. Not only do our staff know that if there is a problem we will now deal with it correctly and in a timely manner, our managers are all able to access the Total HR service for timely advice – in most cases we receive a same day response to our queries. We all have Sophie on speed dial now!

We find that Sophie and the team always provide us with really balanced advice. We are encouraged to take the time to look at things from both sides so that we provide a very fair approach. It is extremely important for us to work with responsive people who provide a real human understanding, and that is something we can say we have received from Sophie. She is patient, sympathetic, supportive and extremely knowledgeable; she puts us at ease and fills us with the confidence we need to take the steps required for our business.

Invaluable support
We have found that we use the Total HR service far more than we thought we would. From checking the wording that we plan on using, to resolving three or four major issues we have had internally, the service has allowed us to progress more as a business. HR is something we’re never properly taught so having the right support from a team who keeps themselves fully abreast of the latest changes and updates to all of the regulations is something we couldn’t do without. We believe that modern businesses need to ensure they have the right team and there is absolutely no harm in outsourcing areas to the professionals, we wouldn’t dream of not having Total HR now!