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iComply Support

iComply Support FAQs

Here at CODE we are pleased to be on hand to our members for support and advice on compliance and practice management issues. The iComply support team also receives calls from users requesting additional help with iComply and here are some of the common questions:

Q: Can I just work through all the folders and get them up to date?
A: We advise working through the calendar rather than the template documents section as not all documents listed in the folder are necessarily relevant to your practice. We schedule in your compliance reviews with related documents and by using this work flow, your practice will complete the compliance reviews they need to help them be compliant.

Q: The document I am accessing is locked for editing, why is that?
A: Another team member has previously accessed the document and not clicked ‘cancel’ once they have saved or left the document. By clicking ‘cancel’ (after they have saved any changes) they will unlock the document. If that team member is not available, please call us to resolve the issue.

Q: How do I edit an audit template?
A: Click ‘Create New Copy’, title your document and then click save. Once saved, the ‘Create New’ button will change to ‘edit’ so you can then edit the template.

Q: How do I ‘Copy and Paste’?
A: Highlight the text you’d like to copy and press Ctrl + C (Command + C on a Mac) on your keyboard to copy and Ctrl + V (Command + V on a Mac) to paste.

Q: Can I send documents to my staff to read?
A: Great news – yes you can! Go to the ToDos tab in the top menu and click ‘Create A New ToDo’. Give the ToDo a title, assign it to the relevant team members, add a document from iComply that you have adapted and schedule it for the required date.

Q: How do I reset my password?
A: If you are logged into the iComply system, simply click on ‘My Account’ at the top of the screen and select ‘Change Password’. Your password must be at least 11 characters long and contain one number minimum.
Practice administrators can also change the passwords of team members by selecting ‘My Account’ then ‘My Practices’ and clicking ‘Details’ of the practice the staff member is registered to. They can then edit the details in Practice Members.

Q: How do I reallocate my Teams Responsibilities?
A: Within the Team Responsibilities tab under ‘My Account’ and ‘My Practice’, ‘Details’, you can reallocate specific compliance and administration activities. To do so, click on the name to the right of the task, and select the name you want from the drop-down list. When you have finished reallocating tasks, click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen. The team members will be notified in iComply and by email. These changes will show on the calendar immediately.

Q: Which document do I update in the comparison editor?
A: When you are presented with the comparison editor, the top document is the new version, the bottom document is your live working document. You must copy the updates and changes in red from the top and paste into the bottom and review as normal. Once you are happy with the bottom document, you then click ‘Save As New Version’ and this will then become the latest version of that document.

Q: What are the different iComply user levels?
A: There are four user levels in iComply, each have different capabilities:

  • iComply Admins have total control of the iComply application. Administrators are able to see and edit all activities for the practice, edit practice details, create iComply cycles, add and edit users, update team responsibilities and create ToDos for users. The iComply Admin is usually the practice owner who will give the responsibility of managing compliance to the iComply Manager.
  • iComply Managers are able to see and complete all activities within iComply, edit user details, reschedule activities and re-delegate to responsible team members. The iComply Manager is generally the compliance lead within the practice who will be responsible for keeping up to date with changes and delegating activities to other members.
  • Team Members can only see and complete their own delegated activities. You can delegate activities and responsibilities to Team Members. They are unable to reschedule and re-delegate activities. You can assign ToDos to Team Members and they can also schedule ToDos for themselves. The Team Member user level is designed for practice members who may be completing a small number of compliance activities within the practice under the iComply Manager.
  • Read Only users can only read and download iComply documents. They are unable to edit documents within iComply, but do have access to all of your edited policies and procedures. You can’t delegate activities or responsibilities to Read Only users. You can assign ToDos to Read Only Users. The Read Only user level is designed for members of the practice who won’t be completing compliance activities, but will require access to the practice documents including policies and procedures.

We are currently working on a number of useful iComply help videos and don’t forget that there is a variety of useful FAQ articles in the iComply Help section. Plus, help is always on hand by calling the helpline on 01409 254 416 or emailing us at