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iComply App

The new iComply smartphone app

Compliance in the palm of your hand

Great news for all iComply users, the compliance application you know and love will soon be available on a smartphone app.

Due to launch in early 2019, the app will allow all team members to see a snapshot of their iComply dashboard from their own smartphone. The aim is to allow all users to easily know what is coming up so that they can prepare, helping to simplify your practice compliance.

What will I be able to use the app for?
While iComply users will not be able to complete activities via the app – this requires a full page on a tablet or desktop for practicality – you will be able to access a whole host of other benefits.

All team members will be able to use the app to complete their ToDos and create new ones, access all of the CODE templates and read the iComply news.

We have also made it possible to upload photographic evidence directly from the smartphone app straight into an activity, such as audits, daily infection checklists, or autoclave checklists. This will help to streamline daily compliance activity, making various tasks simpler and easier to manage.

In addition to all of these great benefits, CODE Total HR team members will have access to the latest pdf copy of the staff handbook, available on their own smartphones. Never again will they not know where to find a policy!

How do I access the app?
Once the new app has launched, we will of course let you know how and when you can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Team members do not need their work email to login to the app, just their phone number, simple!

At CODE we have designed the iComply app to work in perfect harmony with the web-based application. Users will be able to search help pages, FAQs and videos on the app while working on the web version, and the reminders should help bring even more efficiency to compliance workflow.

Watch this space for the launch, coming to you in early 2019!

You can read more about iComply here.