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About us

The CODE Mission Statement


We strive for simplicity and efficiency to save our members time and money, helping them to meet their goal of total patient satisfaction. It is CODE’s aim to be the partner of choice for all UK dental practice owners and managers.

CODE values

Insight – the CODE team has a deep understanding of dentistry and dental business management based on over 35 years’ experience in both running multiple practices and providing compliance and management solutions to thousands of practice owners.

Integrity – the CODE team is committed to transparency, openness and maintaining full integrity in relationships with each other and with our valued members. This means that CODE people follow their own highest moral principles at all times.

Innovation – We provide simple, effective and powerful solutions to help members thrive prosper and comply. We continually engage with our members to provide support, new ideas and best practice guidance. Through this engagement we achieve continuous improvement and innovation.

Inspiration – We are passionate about our roles and the experience we bring to practice owners and managers. We aim to inspire each other, our members and everyone we come into contact with to achieve a happy and successful work/life balance.


CODE was founded in 1978 with the aim of helping dental practice owners and managers provide a quality service. It rapidly became famous for its associate agreements and NHS contracts to secure payments to practices. Our contracts are still thought of as the best in dentistry and are provided free to members.

Today, CODE continues to provide innovative services and support, and inspire members across more than 2,000 dental practices to achieve the shared goal of increasing patient satisfaction and profitability, year on year. We provide the best ideas for your practice and the tools you need to comply and make it successful.

CODE is the only professional association for dental practice owners and managers that provides the independent practice with the support and systems enjoyed by the large dental chains.

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